Fried Mozzarella                                                        7

Mozzarella, Marinara


Fried Mushrooms                                                      6.5

Mushrooms, horseradish


Vidalia Onion Rings                                                   7

Vidalia onions, creamy chili sauce


Stuffed Jalapenos                                                      8

Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar and bacon, ranch

Fried Pickles                                                                  6.5
Sliced dill pickles battered and fried. Served with dill cucumber sauce

Small Plates


Deep Fried Spareribs                                                11

Pork spare ribs coated in BBQ sauce


Animal Style Fries                                                      11

Cubed bacon, fried eggs, mozzarella and hollandaise gravy


Buffalo Wings                                        9

Hot/Mild/BBQ/Sriracha sauce, blue cheese or ranch, celery and carrots


Irish Nachos                                                                10

Potato wedges, house corned beef, jarlsberg cheese, cabbage, sour cream, tomato salsa


Chicken & Waffles                                                    11

Chicken tenders, red velvet waffle, cream cheese butter, maple syrup


Chicken Tenders                                                          9

BBQ, honey mustard, ranch, with handcut fries


Deep Fried Pig Tails                                                  10

Pig tails deep fried coated in honey Sriracha sauce

Nachos                                                               10/12
Fried corn tortilla chips, chicken or carne asada, house cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos, pico de gallo, salsa

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp                           11
Shrimp wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon, grilled crisp and served with creamy horseradish sauce


Street Tacos

Carne Asada                                                                           8

Marinated steak, pico de gallo, roasted chipotle salsa and queso fresco-Three tacos


Pork Belly                                                                    8

Roasted pork belly, pico de gallo, and tomatillo avocado salsa-Three tacos


Chicken Tinga                                                             7

Slow cooked chipotle chicken, pico de gallo, crema and roasted tomato salsa-Three tacos

Shrimp                                                            9
Grilled shrimp, pico, cabbage, mango-habanero salsa

Barbacoa                                                8

Shredded prime brisket, pico, avocado salsa, queso fresco, flour tortillas

                                                                                                                 Soups & Salads

7 Pepper Chili                                          6
Premium Angus beef, beans, cheddar, onion

Broccoli Cheddar Soup                         6
Fresh broccoli, cheddar, baguette

Steakhouse Salad                       8
Lettuce mix, shredded mozzarella, tomato, cucumber, bacon, egg, house blue cheese
Add chicken (grilled or crispy) 3

Southwest Salad                      11
Grilled chicken, lettuce mix, tortilla strips, black beans, corn, avocado, pico, Southwest ranch

Asian Salad                       12
Grilled chicken, spring mix, wontons, carrots, peanut sauce, peanuts, green onion, sesame vinaigrette


Kids Menu


Junior Burger                                                              5

Choice of toppings with fries or fruit


Chicken Tenders                                                        5

Fried with bbq, honey mustard, ranch with fries or fruit


Grilled Cheese                                                            4

Yellow American with fries or fruit


PB&J                                                                             4

Creamy peanut butter and grape jelly, with fruit




Pork Tenderloin                                                                                                     

Fried pork, lettuce, tomato, onion on brioche bun with fries       10.5


Philly Cheesesteak                                                                                                

Beef, onion, bell pepper, mushroom with house cheese blend on rustic hoagie with fries                                                                                                                 11



Bacon, lettuce, tomato, diced red onion, shredded cheddar, mayo on butter toasted Texas toast with fries                                                                                                  10


California Chicken                                                                                                 

Bacon, Swiss, avocado, lettuce, tomato, ranch on sourdough with fries                11


Pork Belly Cubano                                                                                                 

Braised pork belly, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickle, hot sauce, mayo and mustard on panini French bread with fries                                                               11.5


Reuben                                                                                                                                                               12
Corned beef, grilled sauerkraut, swiss, Russian dressing, on marble rye with fries

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich                                                                                                                               12

Hand breaded breast, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, ranch/blue cheese. Hot or mild with fries.




Standard Burger                                                                                                    

1/2# Angus beef with yellow American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, on brioche bun                                                                            9


Broadway Burger                                                                                                  

1/2# Angus beef with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, Applewood smoked bacon, on brioche bun with lettuce and tomato                                                       11


Messy Burger                                                                                                         

1/2# Angus beef topped with yellow American cheese, fried egg and Applewood smoked bacon. On egg bun with lettuce, tomato and mayo                              12


Crown Burger                                                                                                         

1/2# Angus beef topped with sautéed mushrooms, aged Swiss, truffle mayo, lettuce and tomato on brioche bun                                                                                                  12


KC Burger                                                                                                                

1/2# Angus beef topped with cheddar cheese, fried Vidalia onion, Applewood smoked bacon, KC BBQ sauce with lettuce and tomato on brioche bun                  11

Jalapeno Burger
1/2# Angus beef, pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, chipotle aioli, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion on brioche bun



KC Strip                                                                  18
Hand cut, grilled to order choice KC Strip with garlic whipped potatoes and fresh green beans

Pan Roasted Chicken                                             17
Half chicken pan roasted, garlic whipped mashed potatoes and green beans with fresh dinner roll

Chicken Fried Chicken                                        15
Hand-breaded, boneless chicken breast topped with mushroom cream gravy, garlic whipped potatoes and green beans with fresh dinner roll

Jambalaya                                                            16
Dirty rice with andouille sausage, shrimp, peppers and spicy creole tomato sauce. Served with fresh dinner roll

Cajun Pasta                                                          16
Penne pasta, green bell pepper, red onion, fresh shrimp, and andouille sausage- with a spicy Cajun tomato sauce. Served with garlic toast

Smoked Gouda Mac N Cheese                           16
Gouda, white cheddar, cubed bacon, Panko and hand breaded chicken

Pan Fried Chop                                                   16
Two pan fried premium pork chops, garlic whipped potatoes, and green beans. Served with fresh house apple fritter.

Add side salads: 2.5, Add soup: 4


Handcut Fries              3

Fresh Green Beans                 4

Garlic Whipped Mashed Potatoes                  4

3 Cheese Mac N Cheese                      5

Cheesy Corn                               3

Sauteed Broccoli                        4

Side Salad                                4




Long John Chocolate Donut Sundae                                                                     6          

Butterfinger Cake                                                                                                      5

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Strawberry, Mug Root Beer, Lemonade, Iced Tea, White Milk, Chocolate Milk, Coffee